Youth Services Holiday Offer

We are excited that this Summer we will have a fantastic offer from the JAMIE OLIVER COOKERY SCHOOL.


Jamie has offered us 18 places in his cookery school class - date TBC.

This is a great opportunity if you are passionate about healthy eating. You will have the chance to improve your cooking skills and knowledge with the help of top professionals.


jamie oliver.png

Jamie wants to show kids how easy and fun cooking with vegetables can be.

The lesson on this occasion is Thai Veg Green Curry, which is very tasty and most of all nutritionally balanced.

We hope that those who take part can go back home and cook this healthy meal for their families.

The session will last 1.5 hours including eating time.

It will be hands-on and participants will have time to perfect their cooking skills, and enjoy the fruits of their labour with a delicious meal at the chef’s table.


To join this cooking adventure you must be 13 to 18 years old.

To book a place or of more information, please contact us:


Mobile: 079 4872 9322

In order to fully secure your place you are require to fill in a consent form. This needs to be filled in by an adult, and as part of the acknowledgement, and contribute £1 towards this workshop.
If you require further assistance or have any difficulties towards the fee, please contact Dinisha at 07948 729 322.

Spaces are limited. Booking is essential. We are operating on first come, first serve.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

What we did in the Summer of 2021

Our Youth Club 2021 summer offer was split into three weeks of pre-planned activities. Each activity was one week long, all to benefit young people. They were engaged in activities while learning skills and knowledge, which gave them the opportunity to show their talents. We had a partnership with HAF and Summerversity. 


This project gave our young people aged 13+ the chance to learn new skills, develop interests, talents, make new contacts, and they had lots of fun.

The activities we offered were:

  • Graffiti: Spray Painting Workshop: This project was definitely a hit in the Summer of 2021. Young people started from scratch on their designing, learning from the basics of spray painting and the history of when graffiti became popular. To ensure young people were building their knowledge, they had a quiz at the beginning of each session. Young people were able to practice as much as they wished to develop their skills. This was great for beginners and those who had some experience as they were able to showcase their talents. On the last day, young people presented their final piece and had the opportunity to share the story behind what they had created. The workshop was delivered by two local graffiti professional artists who had more than 10 years of experience. They were well organised and put a lot of effort to ensure our young people gained maximum experience.

  • Upcycling: Fashion & Textile Workshop: Young People brought in old and new clothing items and used other resources, such as scrap fabrics, buttons, sequences, sewing machines and many more. They gave a new meaning to their clothing. We had young people upgrading their shoes and outerwear with fabric pens. This workshop focused on building new skills around the basics of sewing while learning from professionals. We had two members of our staff who have superior knowledge of sewing and making their own clothes. This was a fantastic opportunity to use our own staff skills and experiences to give back to our young people. As part of this project, Highbury Roundhouse had a membership with the Scrap Project, which enabled us to collect most of the resources to be up-cycled from there.



We have provided holiday food and activities offered in partnership with the Islington Council. We delivered the following activity:

  • Come Bake With Me: It was a one week program, which gave young people the opportunity to learn basic skills and knowledge around baking, straight from a professional Pastry Chef. Four days were practical, and young people made four different desserts. One day was theoretical. At the end of the week, young people had the opportunity to gain a food and hygiene certification level 2. Six young people qualified at the end of this workshop.

Register now to become a Youth Club member. Come and join our next offer. We would love to work with you.


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