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After School Clubs

We run after school clubs and enrichment classes in the following schools:

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Welcome to Highbury Roundhouse After School Clubs. We are honoured to provide much-needed diverse and exciting After School Clubs and care during term-time. We currently work in partnership with four schools across the borough, with over 1,000 children each year accessing our services.


We are pleased to be able to offer concessions to families on low incomes and students. We encourage members of BAME groups to access our services, and we work to ensure that our services are accessible to all.


We care for your children while you work.

Our After School Clubs make working parents' lives less stressful so that the time spent at home with their children is both peaceful and enjoyable. Parents appreciate our flexibility and value the service we provide.


We meet all Ofsted requirements. Our latest reports shows highest outcome of 'Met'. Here is what they said about us:



'The club caters extremely well for the vast age range of children that attend. Activities are well thought out and offer a range of challenge according to children's capabilities.'

(Inspection report: Hanover After School Club - January 2023)


'Staff proudly celebrate the diversity of families, children and staff. Children are respectful of others. They engage in meaningful discussions that allow them to share information with others about the countries where they were born and their religious beliefs. Children listen and ask questions that allow others to share their heritage with pride and confidence'. 

(Inspection report: Hanover After School Club - January 2023)


'Staff are attentive and have good interactions with children. They know their key children well and ensure that children of all ages are accessing a variety of meaningful activities that are based on their interests.'

(Inspection report: Yerbury Extended School Services - January 2023)


'Children are provided with plenty of opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyles. Older children manage their personal hygiene independently. They take themselves to wash their hands and use the toilet. Younger children are supported by staff when required. They enjoy a range of healthy and nutritious snacks'.

(Inspection report: Yerbury Extended School Services - January 2023)




Our staff are experienced in child care and are qualified, DBS checked and have first aid training.


Our daily routine involves theme-based activities often inspired by the children to relax and enjoy themselves with us. We offer structured sport and craft-based activities and also enrichment classes.


We are currently operating three Afterschool Clubs; Hanover Primary School, Yerbury Primary School and City of London Primary Academy Islington School.

New children must register first

Before being able to book the Afterschool Club, you need to download, fill in the relevant registration form below, and send it to


We are looking forward to looking after your children!

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Increasing confidence,
changing lives

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