Soft Play

Our Soft Play sessions are full of fun and play for the children whilst also helping develop their coordination.


It gives them a chance to mix with other children before they start nursery or school and is the perfect place for carers to chat with other parents and carers while the children are having fun.

The benefits of soft play

Here are some of the many benefits of soft play for babies, toddlers, and children:

  • Develop motor skills 
    Soft play helps your kids develop gross and locomotor skills such as walking, running and jumping, and you'll find something for all levels and abilities. 


  • Enhance decision making
    As your child works their way around the course, they'll encounter multiple routes, decision-based challenges or puzzles.


  • Learns the value of co-operation and teamwork
    Not only will your child learn social skills, but also how to work and play with other little ones. 


  • Encourages puzzle solving
    Your child will find obstacles on the course which require using initiative. 


  • Grow spatial awareness
    As they crawl, walk, jump and bounce around the course, they're learning about spatial awareness through illusion - i.e. reflections, light/sound and spinning/rotation.


  • Experience sensory stimulation
    Our indoor playground will keep your babies, toddlers and younger children healthy and active plus they get to experience sound, light, touch and movement in a fun atmosphere.


  • Explore and discover whatever the weather 
    Our soft play areas have been created to stimulate curiosity and exploration of your little ones.


Bring your busy little bee to

Aubert Court, Avenell Road, London N5 1BL

9.30 AM – 12.30 PM on every Friday



£4.50 per child, additional child £2.50


Food and Drinks

We have a canteen on site selling a range of light snacks and drinks.

Registrations and bookings

lease register with us before booking a place in any of these sessions.

You will need separate registrations for each of your children, and additional registrations for those with will accompany them:



Spaces are limited to 25 children.

To book your child, please send an email to

Book in advance to avoid disappointments, and help us make the right provisions.

Our team cannot wait to meet you and your little ones to have some fun in our soft play adventure space.


For more information, please contact: Carmel Zanre

Address: Avenell Road, London, N5 1BL


Telephone: 075 0498 6388